UnicLine S Pillar Dental Chair

The elegant UnicLine S Pillar is a spacesaving pillar unit in the well-known UnicLine S design, a beautiful, functional, and Nordic design of high quality.

Product Information

It is the smallest of details that define a good or bad design, and Heka have paid great attention to every single detail in UnicLine S because they believe that our customers should be happy with the product for many years to come – Some may think that it is a waste of time to use resources on such details. Others are delighted that we go to such lengths to achieve perfection.


Compact Design – The UnicLine S Pillar Unit is designed as minimalist as possible, with no unnecessary connections or other disruptive elements.

Flexible Working Positions – The arm set has full movement all the way around so you choose how you want to position the delivery system and which way it should move.

Weightless Operation – With all instruments perfectly balanced by a spring assisted module, the operators hand will not experience any external influence, allowing precision treatment to be carried out ensuring ergonomically correct working postures.

Full Ambidextrous Functionality – The telescopic arm is mounted on the chair base, under the patient allowing for adjustment from two to four-handed treatment or from right- to left-handed dentist in seconds.


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