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Choice Dental – Williamstown

After working together on the successful refit of their established Yarraville practice, it was natural that Optima partner again with Choice Dental founders Dr Caroline Nguyen and Dr Tim Chang on the design and delivery of their second practice in Williamstown.


  • Strategy
  • Practice Design
  • Documentation & Approvals
  • Construction

Build timeframe

3 months


Project summary

The project began with collaborative site analysis–finding the ideal Williamtown site and workshopping concepts & budgets to prove the suitability of the new space.

The highly competitive dental landscape in Williamstown focused our objectives towards creating a practice that stands out while delivering on patient experience like no other. Beautiful reception and waiting area details ensure the attention of passers-by on the very busy Douglas Parade.


Let's explore your ideal practice experience so you can keep those smiles coming.

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