Changing Public Perception of Dentistry.

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iSmile Orthodontics,

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About Us

We are a national design and construction team that exists to remove the barriers in Dental environments by focussing on patient experience, practice efficiency, and staff engagement.
We are on a journey to change public perception of Dentistry.

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Our Process


Understanding is fundamental to the success of any project. Far from imposing ready-made off the shelf solutions, we put people at the heart of our projects and unearth the real needs of our partners by distinguishing their unique preconditions.

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Drawing inspiration from our vision, the design team follow a patient-first design approach. This agile creative process involves careful consideration of our three key pillars of design; patient experience, practice efficiency and staff engagement.

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Our unparalleled delivery model is born through the seamless, end-to-end integration of our design, technical and construction teams. This unique and flexible structuring means that our projects not only meet construction schedules but are delivered with specialist equipment solutions on hand and costs controlled at every point.

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Client Testimonials

“They have the personal relationship and it was friendly and easy and they were very very quick and responsive to all of my questions.”

The Orthodontic Place

“We chose Optima because they had a reputation for delivering on their designs, the quality and the way they implement their building. They have a very respected reputation amongst the dental industry.”

Choice Dental

“I liked their modern designs, their clean lined structure of their dental practices and I just liked that they were different from everyone else.”

Plaza Dental Care

“Optima were attentive to our needs and responsive to any difficulties we had with any of the fitout problems that they promptly corrected. ”

Peter Callan

“I found Optima professional, easy to work with and really easy to understand, they spoke our language so it just make everything flow a lot better.”

Australian Unity

“I was very impressed with the design that Optima was able to come up with for our building. We had some pretty specific requirements about our building and not only was Optima able to meet those requirements, they were actually able to come up with a very nice design and very functional.”

Central Dental Frankston

“When we first met with the Optima rep, we were comfortable that he knew what he was talking about, we felt like he knew the ins and outs of the industry. He also gave us tips on how to negotiate with our landlord so we felt comfortable going with Optima for our fitout.”

The Smiling Orthodontist

Featured Equipment

Danish design
focused on wellbeing.

The UNICline S by Heka Dental is at once beautiful and functional. The intuitive design revolutionises dental chair lighting and instrument handling, ensuring best-practice ergonomic postures that support both patient and operator wellbeing.

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Tailored Equipment Solutions

We provide tailored dental equipment solutions for every budget, floorplan and aesthetic.
Whether a one-off replacement or a multi-practice fit-out, our integrated capabilities ensure on-time delivery and seamless integration with any workspace.

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