At Optima, we don’t just design and construct dental surgeries, we transform your ideas into award-winning spaces you’ll feel proud to call your own.


We supply the Australian market with state-of-the-art dental and medical equipment designed to increase your efficiency and level of service.


We have built our business and reputation on after-sales service and customer satisfaction.


Quality supplies at great prices, we provide local dentists a better alternative when it comes to surgery, sterilisation, administration and cleaning essentials.

We deliver environments that improve the wellbeing of both practitioner and patient

Because selling generic solutions doesn’t excite us one bit.

Seeing your practice genuinely thrive through innovative, quality ideas with a personal touch is what drives us. It shows in the work we produce and the relationship we have with our customers.

We understand that every dental practice is different

And there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So we treat our projects and clients as partnerships, and make sure our starting point is always your specific needs, business goals, and aesthetic preferences.

The six-point journey we undertake with clients reflects this approach:

  1. Consultation
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Budget
  4. Initiation
  5. Construction
  6. Care ongoing


An effective and successful dental practice is about much more than the layout and colour schemes. It’s also about maintaining a reliable supply of daily essentials. Optima introduced its supply service when long-time clients started asking us to apply our industry knowledge and exceptional customer service to supplies. It was a ‘Eureka’ moment, and the beginning of our dedicated service for day-to-day essentials.

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Featured Projects

Orthodontic Clinic: Doncaster Orthodontics

Orthodontic Clinic: Doncaster Orthodontics

Dental Practice: Warralily Family Dental

Dental Practice: Warralily Family Dental

Dental Practice: Plaza Dental Care

Dental Practice: Plaza Dental Care

Dental Practice: Woodend Dental

Dental Practice: Woodend Dental

There was no hard sell, it was all about one on one communication and commitment from a family business. They were very professional, very accommodating and very accessible. Optima have been wonderful!

Dr Ramya ThiyagarajaniSmile Ortho

Great portfolio, very reasonable prices and engaging professional consultants. Optima put my mind at ease and allowed me to concentrate on my patients while they looked after the construction

Dr Binh TranBayside Perio

We chose Optima because they have a reputation for delivering. With Optima we felt like we were dealing with a trusted company. They really heard what we were looking for and they delivered on their promises. We’re not interior designers or builders so their support and guidance was paramount, and they delivered!

Dr Tim ChangChoice Dental

Optima have great knowledge of design. They create spaces that flow and interior designs that work

Dr Zina MahdiNorthern Dental Design