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Northern Dental Design | Dr Zina Mahdi

Completed in 2015, Northern Dental Clinic is a relatively new addition to Melbourne’s many dental practices, but a welcome one for families in and around Epping.


  • Strategy
  • Town planning
  • Interior Design
  • Project Documentation & Approvals
  • Interior fitout
  • Equipment Supply & Installation 

Build timeframe

3 months


Project summary

Dr Zina Mahdi, spent 18 months looking for the ideal space to open her first practice, and evaluated multiple sites before finally settling on the current location. Drawing on our many years of experience, we were able to make recommendations throughout the inspection process, while also noting possible layouts, potential issues, and future expansion considerations.

Working with a blank slate offers almost endless potential, and allowed us to transform Dr Mahdi’s vision into a tangible space. As she explained, “Optima have great knowledge of design. They create spaces that flow and colours that work.” Using our advanced 3D visualisation techniques, we were able to plan the layout, design, colours and equipment well in advance, and provide a virtual tour before a single hammer had been lifted.

Breaking the project down into several stages allowed us to help Dr Mahdi save money, while ensuring a unified vision for the clinic as it grows and expands in the future.


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