For more than three decades we have been creating dental spaces that challenge the pre-conceived vision of what a trip to the dentist looks like.

Design and construction specialists.

OPTIMA’s reputation directly aligns with our customer’s success, but also relies heavily on our people and their high professional standards.

We have sought talent from tier 1 architecture and construction firms and brought them to the dental industry – a rare and valuable feature of our business that has heightened our design and delivery quality at every step.

30+ years industry experience.

Family owned and operated.

Design and construction specialists.

Our Motivation 

We are on a journey to change public perception of Dentistry.


We exist to remove the barriers in Dental environments by focussing on patient experience, practice efficiency and staff engagement.


We are on a journey to change public perception of Dentistry. This vision was formulated upon the long-existing negative stigma surrounding the dental industry.

We believe visiting the dentist should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. We wanted to shift the perception of dark, dreary dental spaces full of scary, noisy equipment associated with pain – to positive, warm, welcoming environments associated with personal growth.

Core Values

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Gratitude
  • Humility

Our Story

This is our story. A small opportunity, treated with respect, blossomed to where we are today as a national design & construction partner for a remarkably talented industry.

Founded in 1991
How Optima Began
Why Dental?
Growth Timeline
Key Projects & Achievements
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Founded in 1991
Founded in 1991

From humble beginnings in Geelong, Victoria, to designing & building Dental & Medical practices Australia-wide, Optima is proudly family owned and operated since 1991.

How Optima Began
How Optima Began

Our founder, Phil Earl, was originally working as a commercial and industrial electrician when he received a chance callout from a dentist in desperate need of assistance to service some dental equipment.

That first successful technical repair, along with recognising a clear a gap in the market, sparked an immediate passion for the industry - and OPTIMA was born.

Why Dental?
Why Dental?

Our focus is on dental because it's where we started, it's what we know, it’s intricate, and it's our passion.

We are confident in our deep knowledge of dentists and their patient's, built on years of experience that has refined our approach.

Regardless of industry, we believe that our focus on customer satisfaction and trust is proven in the network of long-standing positive relationships we've built.

Growth Timeline
Growth Timeline

While our team has grown and the scope of projects we deliver has increased, one constant since our inception has been the family values we strive to work and live by.

From our first clinic visit to projects spanning nation-wide, we continue to stick true to our roots.

  1. 1991 – OPTIMA was founded. First trading as GEM Services
  2. 1993 – Commenced importing a range of Dental equipment from USA & Europe
  3. 1995 – Designed and built first Dental practice in Victoria
  4. 2007 – Commenced in-house design and project management
  5. 2011 – Opened up nationwide service offering
  6. 2017 – Secured office location in Sydney
  7. 2019 – Secured offices in Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Key Projects & Achievements
Key Projects and Achievements

Our vast history in the dental industry has provided incredible opportunity to work on some industry-shaping projects.

From being involved in large Dental hospitals through to building Dr Nauvneel Kashyap’s flagship 8-chair Dental practice and everything in between we are proud of every project we undertake – large or small.


It’s why we do what we do.

The inspiring and ambitious people we meet that allow us to enhance their careers through ours.

We love seeing the smiles of our customers who witness their long-term vision come to life, and the positive impact they can have on the lives of the thousands of every-day Australian people who come through their new doors.

Our services

We combine planning, strategic architecture, interior design, equipment sourcing, project management and construction to deliver realistic end-to-end solutions.

New Build

Fit Out


We go beyond the build.  We supply premium brand Dental Equipment.

Talk to an expert to explore your ideal practice so you can keep those smiles coming.