Every Heka dental care unit is individually manufactured to suit you and your team’s unique preferences and requirements. This gives you optimal opportunity for simple and ergonomic work, where the Heka G+ guides you through treatments – both automatically and individually.

The Heka G+ also takes up less space, giving you more choice and freedom to design your practice as you want it – and at the same time allowing more dental care units in fewer square metres for your business.

Product Information

It is the smallest of details that define a good or bad design, and Heka have paid great attention to every single detail in UnicLine G+ because they believe that our customers should be happy with the product for many years to come – Some may think that it is a waste of time to use resources on such details. Others are delighted that we go to such lengths to achieve perfection.

Everything is where it should be – and everything makes sense - The Heka S+ comes with a range of programmable personalised settings that support your various treatments and processes throughout the working day, so that they are carried out simply and with minimal strain on you and your team. The treatment flow is intact throughout and you can easily switch to the setting you want via the foot control without moving focus away from the treatment and the patient’s mouth.


Weightless Operation – The balance suspension is a key element in supporting an ergonomic workflow. Each instrument is individually calibrated, where the spring accurately neutralises the weight of the instrument at the patient’s mouth – without pulling back. This helps the Heka S+ to carry the instrument without impeding your freedom of movement. As a result, you can work with high precision, with minimal strain on your wrist and forearm.

Teloscopic Assistant Arm – The physical shape and size of the assistant unit is the most important factor in placing the element in a position where you sit ergonomically and avoid twisting your back. With the assistant unit very small and flexible, it provides the best positioning in all treatment situations, both sitting and standing, without straining your body during treatment.

Prioritising top hygiene –  The Heka S+ has been designed with a focus on enabling you and your team to meet the highest infection control standards using individual manual and automated processes that can subsequently document whether they have been completed satisfactorily. In terms of hygiene, this creates peace of mind for your entire team and your patients, while avoiding unnecessary time wasting. All surfaces of the Heka G+ are smooth and we have used tempered glass on the delivery tray and console top, which is the most hygienic surface available.

HEKA ID – With a Heka ID card, you can maintain the workflow you are used to without having to think about it. If your practice has several rooms with several dentists, or if many different treatments are carried out, a Heka ID card is a smart solution. We have placed the contactless point in the middle of the delivery tray, making it easy to use for you and your assistant. You can have several different treatments on Heka ID cards, so it is easy to change the settings to a specific treatment.

Ambidextrous Functionality – Swivel assistant arm can be swivelled from side to side allowing for operator access to each side of the chair.

HEKA One Connect – On the Heka S+, we have situated all the instrument information centrally on the delivery tray so that both you and your assistant can easily get an overview of the settings. The screen display can be operated by touch and we have made sure that the necessary functions can be changed via the foot control to minimise touching the delivery tray.


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