Remove the square wheels from your supply chain!

Do you often find yourself opening the supplies cupboard to find no gloves left? Is it a battle to stay on top of your supply orders? Do you wish there was an easier, stress-free method of ordering consumables?

A reliable supplier is one of the unspoken heroes in keeping modern day dental practice operating efficiently and dynamically. In the daily routine of a busy practice, sometimes the stock levels of everyday consumables can be overlooked until the last minute, meaning a quick delivery turnaround from your consumables supplier is paramount.

fc77dc7f-ac08-4f1e-b0ee-bdf4006f5122-medium With more than 25 years’ experience in the dental industry, Optima recognises the value of a dependable consumables supplier to maintain the smooth continuity of a successful practice. Supported by same-day dispatch and real customer support, we provide dentists a better alternative when it comes to surgery, sterilisation, administration and cleaning essentials. With later order cut-off at 3pm, an updated and user-friendly online ordering system and new, innovative products constantly being added to our range, your supply journey is about to become a whole lot smoother!

So why not treat yourself and find out how our energetic supply team can help you improve efficiency and stay relevant in today’s market?