Dental Surgery Design and Construction – Experience Counts

30 years of Designing and Building dental surgeries.

Dental surgery design is an integral part of your journey to achieving a successful dental surgery, both functionally and aesthetically.

Partnering with experienced dental design and construction professionals is a must. However, the traditional design and tender method is an outdated and broken process. Once you’ve found a highly skilled team to design your ideal dental practice, you must also find a construction company to complete the project. Working with separate architectural and construction partners can lead to a disjointed project experience, with likely delays, unexpected budget blowouts and less than optimal project efficiency and quality outcomes.

The value that a partner like OPTIMA provides is that we are an end-to-end, fully qualified design and construction company. Every part of the project is managed by our team of industry-specific professionals. We’ve successfully built out our team – made up of experts from tier 1 architectural and construction firms – and brought them to the dental industry to master their craft and deliver incredible dental surgeries across Australia.

Our design team effectively communicates and works in with our construction team and the client, who together focus on a “patient-first” approach to deliver the best possible dental surgery with the space and budget in mind. Our approach is redefining expectations around patient experience, efficiency and staff satisfaction.

Outside of a seamless experience for the client, what other advantages does our design and construction approach provide?

We don’t impose cookie-cutter / “off-the-shelf” / “me-too” designs.
Following the crowd is what we don’t do. Our dental surgery designs take shape naturally and the result is always a unique, one-off plan. While our 30 years of experience plays a part in our future projects, we don’t apply a copy and paste method. Rather, we place emphasis on the ‘consult’ phase of the project, working with the client to gain a deep understanding of their goals and vision for the future, their values, and their patients. We work back from this brief to deliver a space that meets and exceeds these expectations.
Our project portfolio showcases the custom, unique dental surgeries we deliver, helping our clients make a dental surgery their own – a space that truly reflects them as a professional.

Our designers are dental surgery designers.
We believe our talented team of Dental specialised architects could be the best in any field of architecture. The fact that they specialise in dental surgery design makes them all the more valuable to what we do, and to our clients.
The simple fact is that they know Dental. The know the industry, what staff require to work effectively and happily, and most importantly, what your patients expect from a top-class dental practice.
Laser-focused on the quality of their design and delivery at every step of the process, our designers aren’t completely driven by aesthetics. They design for patient experience as well as staff satisfaction to ensure your dental surgery is an efficiently operating, warm and welcoming place to be.

Peace of mind.
While clients want the best outcome for their dental practice, the design and construction process can be a stressful path to get there. Experience tells us that budget and timing are two major client concerns throughout a project’s lifetime. By managing both the design and construction process, OPTIMA gives back power to the client, working transparently with you across all facets of the project.
Our design team understands our construction team and knows what is achievable from a technical, budget and timing perspective. Everyone is on the same page with direct communication to meet project expectations at every step.
Clients can sit back and watch their vision come to life, knowing OPTIMA has all bases covered.
One team, one vision.
Get in touch to chat about your future dental surgery plans.

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