10 steps for young dentists to avoid procrastination

Young dentists often say they struggle with decision making and new clinical procedures can be intimidating. I’ve been lucky to have great mentors and teachers in my professional life.

Here are a few key tips that will help in trying new concepts at a comfortable pace.

10 steps for young dentists to avoid procrastination:

1. Get good data – it’s hard to make a clinical decision without it

2. Start simple – plan your procedure mentally & physically

3. Identify why you hesitate

4. Take courses and learn to do the procedures you avoid

5. Train your brain to do a quick risk checklist

6. Learn to recognize red flags – too many, ask for help

7. Find a colleague who’s done it before – watch, listen, learn

8. Create logical ‘quick plans’ in your software to guide your thinking

9. Be realistic in the procedures you tackle – don’t self-sabotage

10. Make a commitment – book that next appointment

by: Dr Andrea Shepperson

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