Your business: about more than just mouths

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Patients come to you because you’re the expert on their smiles. You’ve studied, trained and honed your skills, and you now you have a practice of your own. So, what happens when it’s no longer just about mouths, but about running a business too?

Here are a couple of ideas that will help ensure your business runs as smoothly as your dental work does.

Have a vision.
Think about WHY you are doing this. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What do you want your practice to be remembered for? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can ensure the decisions you make – from the look and feel of your practice, to the way you speak to customers and the workplace culture you create – stays true to your brand. For example, if you pride yourself on personal service, make sure this is evident everywhere. Start letters with ‘hello’ instead of ‘dear’ and record interesting details your patients might tell you (they just bought a puppy, they’re planning a trip to Italy, they hate the taste of mint) so when they’re next in and you ask about that puppy, they feel welcome and special.

A consistent brand experience builds confidence and trust, and makes you more memorable too.

Recent Project: Bayside Perio - Frankston, VIC

Give the customer what they want.
Consider the patient experience, end to end. What do they see when they walk in the door? How do they feel when they leave?

No one will be able to tell you this better than your customers themselves. So ask the right questions, and listen hard to the answers. Customer insights are invaluable to how you run your business.

Ask the experts.
You probably called a specialist like Optima in to build and fit out your practice because you knew it would yield a vastly better result than any DIY job. Quality, speed, experience and professionalism are just four advantages of calling in the experts. There are other less obvious areas where calling in external help can be just as valuable. Business coaches, marketing specialists, staff trainers… they are all experts in their field and have immeasurable experience in making sure businesses just like yours run as successfully as possible.