Product spotlight: SilkSkin

The new silkskin gloves are like heaven for your hands

While you look after the comfort of your patients, the Silkskin Sericin Complex Glove will look after your hands. Made of silk fibres from the silkworm, the gloves feature natural moisturising properties, anti-aging UV protection, wound healing methionine and cysteine to promote cell growth and collagen synthesis.

This special type of silk is naturally produced by the silkworm in order to create its cocoon, and has been used for its skin protecting, hydrating, healing and brightening qualities for more than 3500 years.


We are thrilled to be stocking the silkskin gloves, because we know how much your hands endure during a day in the clinic.

Treat your hands with the silkskin gloves – order now by calling Optima on 1800 266 515.