A functional and aesthetic dental practice creates a space that both you and your staff aspire to and enjoy working in. Prioritising workflows, ergonomics and beautiful decor will not only inspire your staff but your patients as well.

Make it meaningful. Take the time to hear and understand what motivates and drives your employees, what their professional goals are and support them in achieving their dreams alongside yours. This show of respect to your employees will inspire motivation and loyalty.

Recognise and celebrate achievements. It is up to your good discretion as a business owner to understand what form of recognition works for your staff – from formal recognition to a personal chat.

Connection. Having trust in your employees by handing over responsibility to them allows them to feel of vital importance to your business and connected to all outcomes which in turn leads them to take on greater responsibility.

Keep it flexible. Understanding who your staff are and taking an interest in and creating flexibility around the moving parts of their lives outside of work allows your staff to feel they are seen and understood.