Case Studies

Case Study: Bayside Perio

By September 3, 2015 No Comments

When Dr Binh Tran needed to expand his successful periodontics and dental practice, he contracted Optima to design, construct, and oversee the project. He was looking for a full service, and according to Dr Tran, it was our “great portfolio, very reasonable prices, and engaging consultants,” that put his mind at ease and allowed him to concentrate on his patients while we looked after construction.

Located in coastal Frankston, Bayside Perio is a specialist practice, employing a team of highly trained experts to work across multiple rooms and dental procedures. A major component of our brief was devising the most efficient use of space and specialist equipment to ensure the best return on investment and a logical workflow area.

Providing a consistent look and feel across such a large and diverse dental centre required extensive consultation, planning, and sign off amongst multiple stakeholders. We worked with Dr Tran and his team for several months to ensure the new build adhered to both practical and aesthetic considerations, keeping in mind there were additional upstairs offices that needed to be sublet to medical professionals.

Bayside Perio was a major undertaking on all fronts, the work further complicated when base building works were delayed by bad weather and service connections, and our own teams had to simultaneously finalise interiors and equipment installation.

Despite these minor issues, the job was a huge success, and transformed a derelict house site into a functional dental practice and a showcase for modern, multi-service dental establishments. A seamless mix of form and function, Bayside Perio was built from the ground up, increasing both revenue and customer satisfaction in the process.